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What does a professional wedding planner know that you don't?

If you're a bride just starting down the path of planning a wedding, you might think the answer to this question is probably "Quite a lot." So you dive into the ocean of websites, books, magazines, wedding software and blogs to learn everything you can about wedding planning. Within a few days, the sheer amount of information, resources and tools makes you wonder what you've gotten yourself into and if you will ever get it all done in time.

The answer isn't as complicated as you think.

In truth, planning a wedding is pretty straightforward once you have the basics down and the right resources to help you stay organized. Don't be intimidated by the dazzle of big weddings you see on TV or on the Internet, because even the best professional wedding planners follow a consistent set of guidelines and have a system and wedding software in place that enables them to pull off amazing events.

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Free tools and information will only get you so far.

Granted, there's lots of helpful free information, free tools and free wedding software on the Internet. But by the time you discover that the free stuff will only get you about halfway to your goals, you have sunk countless hours into surfing and browsing and still have questions. My Wedding Workbook online wedding planner pulls the best guidance and resources together in one place and is the only system that is with you from the day you get your ring to the day-after brunch.

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If you were to purchase all the elements provided by My Wedding Workbook separately - including a detailed, step-by-step planning guide, worksheets and checklists, wedding planning software / wedding organizer and tools, wedding website and more - it would cost you at least $291. And, if you purchased all these things separately, they wouldn't work together seamlessly like all our online resources do. Plus they probably haven't been battle tested by hundreds of actual professional wedding planners and thousands of brides (and our system has).

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